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Scan True®II 125 mL bottle

Black Ink for use with Trident Print heads. Pigment, oil-based. One 125 mL bottle.

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Black Ink for porous substrates such as uncoated corrugated board and paper. For use with Trident Print heads. See Table for compatibility. Pigment, oil-based.

Key Benefits

  • Minimizes ink bleed on porous surfaces
  • High-resolution printing – great for narrow bar width requirements of newer barcode symbologies
  • Prints precisely with greater edge definition
  • Better light fastness and optical density
  • Excellent IR readability and scanning read rates


Case coding


Bar code directly onto corrugated cartons or other porous substrates

Prints high-quality verifiable UCC/EAN 128, I 2 of 5 and other tall bar codes

Porous substrates (lumber, leather, ceramic tile, Tyvek®)

Print Characteristics

Color: Black

Dry time: <400 milliseconds (substrate dependent)

Ink type: Pigment, oil-based

Shelf life: One year at room temperature

Qualified in the following printheads:

UltraJet II 96

UltraJet II 192

UltraJet II 352



Manufacturer Printer
Videojet PatrionPlus Valve jet
Diagraph IJ/3000 Impulse Jet
Foxjet ProSeries® 384/768
Matthews IJ3000, IJ7000, IJ9000, Viacode T100/T50



Link to MSDS

Case Study

Marking Both Sides of the Case is Easy

sx32eSX32e with Dual 64mm Standard Print Heads
A bakery needed a method to print on both sides of a new traypack they used for their bun packaging line. By installing the SX32e dual print head bundle, they achieved a unique solution for double-sided marking. The text is printed onto the non-coated fiberboard trays in order for drivers and sales representatives to easily identify the contents upon delivery.

standard-16 valveThe tray is marked as it moves on a conveyor. The 16 valve 64mm Standard print head, using Matthews PX370A black ink, was the most economical alternative for printing the 2 inch font. The 64 mm Standard
print heads are easy to maintain and clean, and the double-sided print station is easy to set up and install. And with the SX-32e user interface, the printing process has now been made simpler and more secure.